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Imran Khan Jalsa At Minar e Pakistan Lahore | PTI Jalsa | Exclusive Updates | Breaking News

2.7M 80.2K 515

Imran Khan Jalsa At Minar e Pakistan Lahore | PTI…

Andrew Provost left the room 🫢

81.9M 1.4M 6.7K

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रॉकी भैया की याद में कोटा में रौनक होगी

2.9M 27.2K 827

रॉकी भैया की याद में कोटा में रौनक होगी

Ramadan Special🌙☪️ #shorts #ramadan #motivation #explore

3.7M 330.1K 722

Ramadan Special #shorts #shortvideo #shortsfeed #shortsvideo…


19.4M 447.1K 833

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Maula Muhammad | Nadeem Sarwar, Ali Shanawar & Ali Jee | 1444 / 2023

1.6M 107.0K 9.8K

Naat E Maula Muhammad ﷺ "Aaqa Nabi ﷺ Humarey, Salley…

Tere Bin Ep 27 - [Eng Sub] - Digitally Presented by Nisa Hair Removal Cream- Yumna Zaidi - Wahaj Ali

11.4M 275.6K 6.5K

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Watch till end🤣❤️ #shorts

20.7M 1.6M 1.4K

Dice Stacks From level 1- 100

14.1M 1.3M 1.8K

Dice Stacks From level 1- 100 #shorts

OCCUPIED #shortssprintbrasil

51.4M 839.0K 652

Kabaddi Match of March 2023 | Pakistan Punjab Kabaddi Match Highlights | Kabaddi Match Highlights

1.1M 10.3K 530

This Open Kabaddi Match is Played in Punjab Pakistan,…

No-waste watermelon peel gummies #shorts

23.2M 498.3K 256

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He eats a shot and then delivers a ONE-SHOT KO!

39.7M 1.0M 5.6K

Static becomes the only striker to survive a shot…

Tere Bin Ep 26 - [Eng Sub] - Digitally Presented by Jhalak Beauty Cream - Yumna Zaidi - Wahaj Ali

21.8M 352.8K 10.0K

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🔴LIVE | Ramzan Moon Sighting 2023 in Pakistan | ARY News Live

2.6M 14.7K 50

#ramzan2023 #ramadan2023 #ramzanmubarak PESHAWAR:…

Tere Bin Episode 28 Teaser - 29th March 2023 - HAR PAL GEO

7.1M 148.3K 3.6K

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39.0M 1.6M 1.7K

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Vampire SUCKS Human Energy 🧛🏻‍♂️🪫

39.5M 869.2K 469

Hey Alan Army, this is Alan Chikin Chow! This video…

POOL PARTY | Short Funny Story

465.3K 33.3K 1.7K

#fatimaoruskichalakiyan Thanks for watching don’t…

립 타투로 메이크업 하기

34.8M 1.0M 4.6K

Dost k liye kuch bhi 🥺❤️ #shorts #dosti new 2023

3.2M 109.4K 72

► Song :- ► Singer :- ► Lyrics :- ► Music Director…

y dekh kya karti😂😂#shorts #thegeetagurjar #trending

5.2M 94.8K 233

Vlog Video:- https://youtu.be/YLsWoDTQF3E

PTI Salah Muhmmad Speech in National Assembly | Salah M vs Raja Riaz | Fight in National Assembly

313.9K 7.8K 1.2K

PTI Salah Muhmmad Speech in National Assembly | Salah…

How to good peel an egg #lifehacks

49.1M 2.1M 5.1K

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Ramzan Moments 2023. Buner Vines

872.7K 30.3K 1.1K

ویڈیو کے کسی بھی حصے کو دوبارہ اپ لوڈ کرنا (فیس بک…

The Ultimate Bug-Proof Shoes 🐞 | Listen "SUE DJ, POLAR - CALL 911"

25.9M 360.2K 181

▶️ Listen to the full song on YT: https://youtu.be/OHX_Eu6OMzo…

Gaming Youtubers Jo Ki Bacche Hain 😮🔥! #shorts #geekygamer

6.6M 555.9K 844

Gaming Youtubers who are kids. #shorts #geekygamer…

RESORT MEIN DHAMAAL | Travel Vlog with Family and Team | Ruchi and Piyush

1.8M 30.5K 2.4K

Humari family aur team gaye the Pushkar ke resort…


12.4M 255.2K 383

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What are Youtube trending videos?

Youtube trends are basically the top videos on Youtube, according to views, likes, comments, and shares.

The trending videos are most likely going to be viewed a lot by many people. It's a way to know what the masses are looking at on Youtube.

So what are Youtube trends?

The best way to understand what are youtube trends is to understand what a trend is.

  • A trend is a change in behavior.
  • A trend can be as simple as a new haircut or a new type of food.
  • A trend can be as complex as a new technology.