Saturate/Desaturate a color

With this online tool, you can either saturate or desaturate a color.

Original Color
Saturated/Desaturated Color

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What is color saturation?

Color saturation is the intensity of a color. The more saturated a color is, the greater its intensity. Saturation is one of the three properties of color, along with hue and lightness.

How to change color saturation using our tool?

  1. Select the color from color picker or if you know the color value, you can directly enter HEX, RGB, HSL or HSV value.
  2. To increase or decrease the saturation in your image, simply move the slider to the left or right.
  3. You will see below the saturated or desaturated color of your given color.
  4. You can copy the generated Color value to RGB, HEX, HSV or HSL format as you need.


Saturation is the process of adding color to an image until no more color can be added, resulting in a color that is pure and intense. Desaturation is the opposite of saturation, and refers to the removal of color from an image.

Select the Red color from color Picker. Move saturation level slider to the left.

Saturation in color is when a color is at its highest chroma, or when it is at its purest state. An example of saturation in color would be a bright red, like the color of a stop sign.

No, white is not a saturated color.