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Sort List is a free tool that saves you time and effort with sorting a list in alphabetical order.

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Sorted List

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What is List Sorting?

There are a lot of list-making tools out there, but most of them are either too simple or too complicated. This one is the perfect Goldilocks solution: just right. It's easy to use and has a lot of features that make it versatile and customizable.

How to work with sort list?

Suppose you have some email, mobile number or other list of donors. You want the data to show randomly.

So you have to enter your list in the textbox and click on the randomized button. As many times as you click, your list will show differently each time.


Enter your list. Select decending option from option box and then click on sort button

The advantage of this tool is that you can sort your list in ascending or descending order. You can even arrange your list to be case sensitive.

Yes, this tool is totally free.

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