Text and Lists

Text and list is a service for people who want to work with lists and texts in an efficient manner. With Text and list, you can sort, randomize, and reverse lists. You can also change the order of the items in a list.

Random Fake Word Generator
The Random Fake Word Generator is the BEST tool for making random and gibberish words.
Convert Text Case
The only text case converter you'll ever need
Generate Synonym
Generate Synonyms with our free online synonym generator.
Roman Numerals Generator
Get your roman numerals with this tool
Duplicate Word Finder
Use this app to search for duplicate words in text.
Random Letter Generator
You can use it to generate random character.
Zero-Width Space Bookmarklet
Click to add a zero-width space to your clipboard.
Reverse List
Swap your sequence of items in a list in reverse order.
List Randomizer
Arrange the list items in random order.
Sort List
Arrange the list items in alphabetical order.
Add Text To Each Line
Append text to the end or beginning of each line.
Remove Extra White Space
Remove white space and tabs from text.
Convert Tabs To Spaces
Replace tabs with any number of spaces from text
Convert Spaces To Tabs
Replace space with any number of tabs from text
Remove Line Breaks
Remove incorrect line breaks.
Remove Empty Lines
Remove incorrect line breaks.
Repeat Text
Repeat text multiple times.