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Duplicate Word Finder is a great tool for finding out whether the text you have is really unique! It's also great for checking the originality of your writing.

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    What is a duplicate word finder?

    A duplicate word finder is a software that helps you find and remove duplicate words in a document. It can be used to improve the readability and clarity of your text.

    There are three ways to use a duplicate word finder:

    • You can manually search for duplicates by selecting every occurrence of the word in question.
    • You can use an automatic tool, which will scan your document for all occurrences of the same word.
    • You can use an online service, which will scan your document and highlight any duplicates found.

    How can a duplicate word finder help you with your writing?

    Duplicate words are bothersome to read. They disrupt the flow of a sentence and can be distracting.

    A duplicate word finder can help you with your writing by locating duplicate words in a document and highlighting them. You can then remove the duplicates from your text document, which will make it more concise and easier to read.


    Duplicate Word Finder is a free tool that only searches for duplicates in the English language

    Enter your article and select your word leangth. I wil automatically show the same words.

    Yes, you can get multiple instances of a word based on word leangth.

    Yes, this tool is totally free.

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