Convert Text Case

Convert Text Case is a free tool that converts text to lower, UPPER, capitalized (in all caps), sentence case and many more.

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What is Convert Case and Why is it Useful?

Convert Case is a free online tool that converts text to lowercase, uppercase, title case, camel case, Pascal case etc. It is very useful for writing in different languages. The tool has been used by people all over the world since it was launched.

Converting text cases is not as easy as it sounds. There are many tools that can help you with this task but they are not always accurate and sometimes even make mistakes.

Convert Case offers nine different conversion modes:

  1. UPPERCASE (capitalizes all letters of each word)
  2. lowercase (smaller versions letters of every word)
  3. spinal-case (uses hyphens - to separate words)
  4. Camel case (Words that are joined together as a single word with the first letter of each of the multiple words capitalized.)
  5. Pascal case (Camelcase and Pascalcase have a lot in common. Both formats capitalize the first letter of each word, )
  6. Snake case (All the letters of the word are lower case, but delimited by an underscore.)
  7. Title case (Title case makes major words the only ones to be capitalised and minor words to be lowercase.)
  8. Vowel case (Convert all vowel to capital.)
  9. Consonant case (Convert all Consonant to capital.)


A text case converter is a website that converts a string of text from one case to another

Enter your text. Select appropriate option from dropdown list and click convert.

The case converter is useful because it allows people to type in their own text and convert it to the desired case

Yes, this tool is totally free.

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